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YouTube’s ‘Life In A Day 2020′

The Project

In 2010, ‘Life In A Day’ brought the YouTube community together for a mammoth participatory feature film project that attracted 80,00 submissions. The final film premiered at Sundance in 2011, before a worldwide theatrical release and then being watched on YouTube over 16 million times since.

Exactly 10 years after the original ‘Life In A Day’, this 25th July executive producers Ridley Scott and Kai-Lu Hsiung, along with director Kevin Macdonald, are once more inviting the global YouTube community to pick up your cameras and help create a YouTube Original feature-length documentary that tells the story of a single day on Earth.

Selected footage sourced from creators will be woven together in this documentary to tell the story of an ordinary day during these extraordinary times. ‘Life In A Day 2020’ will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and on YouTube in 2021.

How the Project Works

On a single day (25th July) people around the world are invited to film their day and tell their story.

The filmmakers want to weave together these unique experiences and perspectives to create a time capsule of this moment.

Once the submission window closes, a 30-person team of multilingual reviewers stationed around the world will begin reviewing and translating submitted videos.

The final feature film will be edited over the course of five months, crafted entirely through what is found in the submitted footage before premiering at Sundance Film Festival in 2021 and on YouTube.

Who Can Take Part

While only selected submitted clips will make it into the film, YouTube and the filmmakers hope the production day itself becomes a significant day of global participation. 

The filmmakers are encouraging people from all over the world to take part, and they hope to capture a diverse perspective on life. 

Submissions are open from July 25 to August 2, which means you will only have one week to submit your footage at

 Film your day July 25th

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