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Introducing VidCon Now

Right now the 11th annual VidCon US would have been in full flow. That was until the COVID-19 pandemic had other ideas. Enter VidCon Now, VidCon’s first exclusively virtual experience.

Starting tomorrow the online event will run all summer with ongoing weekly programming for all three tracks of the online video community uniting global fans, creators, and industry leaders.

With a focus on programming that is inclusive, diverse, insightful, and fun, VidCon Now will aim to inform, entertain, and connect. These include virtual concerts, performances, panels, Q&As, meet & greets, networking opportunities, and more interactive programming that celebrates the ever-expanding world of online video. Here’s the best part… it’s all for FREE!

The hosts, and VidCon founders, John and Hank Green offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions in their Featured Creator Spotlight panel next Thursday 25th June.

Register here for panels and more updates on upcoming events over the summer.

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